Sunday, April 12, 2009

week 14

This week we didn't have class so instead of reflecting about what we talked about in class for the week I will talk about the love I have and the desire I have for teaching students.
I love teaching kids, to watch children have the ah-ha moments is the most precious thing in the world to me. I taught at a Lakeridge Jr. High for a year, I was in charge of one particular child with autism. It was a very difficult job for me, I learned that I need to have those ah-ha moments, I need to know that my teaching is getting through to my students. Although I worked really hard with a child with special needs, and it felt like all of my hard work sort of went to waist, I learned to love my student and stilled loved my job.
For the video this week I thought that the video was a great way for students to learn, I love school house rock. Even though the videos were made so long ago the lesson's are still true and the repetition is very good for students.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How will PowerPoint and Kidspiration help me teach my students? It is nice to be able to show the students a visual or a movie in the classroom to help the students see a way or a new way of viewing things.
The kidspiration is a great tool to use as a template for exercises in the classroom.

Monday, March 30, 2009

week 11

The video was really good and was really a true depiction of what not to do in a PowerPoint presentation. I enjoyed how he made it funny but it is also a true, as the presenter to make sure that you don't have to many of the animations or words on your slides.
What are the pros and cons of Picasa, PowerPoint, and Google Presentations?
the pros of using the these different types of computer programs are that it can help the audience understand the point that you are trying to put across.
the cons can be that you can have technical difficulties and then if you are dependent of the PowerPoint then you will be without the speach that you prepared.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mash up

These are two very interesting videos. To watch how they can put two videos together. I liked both of the videos but the music video was defenitly more intertaning and you can tell that there was a lot of work put into this mash up.
Digital cameras can help bring different places to life, or different sciences into the classroom.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did You Know?

This is an interesting video, it is a lot like some of the videos that we have watched previously. It is nice to learn and understand that it is necessary to learn that what you are teaching your students is just a foundation to what they are going to learn in the future.
It is good to know that,from what we learned in class, that we as teachers are the primary educators to our students about Internet safety. It is necessary for us as teacher to teach the our students what they need to know in order for them to be safe while being on the Internet.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

For Week 8

Yeah I finally was able to have a video load at my house!!!
I think that this video is important to show to older classes to show how different instances have happened through the years. Also when looked at you can see how the technology has developed through the years.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In my future classroom I will use this website for my students to play and learn different concepts that we will be learning in the classroom. I will recommend them to go to the UEN site for my students that need extra work because what we are doing comes easy to them. I will recommend the UEN website for my students that are having a hard time with a concept, perhaps in math or spelling, and need to have extra practice with the subject that they are having a hard time with. I will also recommend this website to my students when they need to do research for reports or presentations that they will do in class.

I think that the UEN site is a wonderful computer program for students to use. My daughter that is in second grade, when I had internet at my house, asked me all the time for her to be able to play on the computer. She loves playing the games and it makes her feel special for her to know that she has a place on the computer that she can go and play without me being worried about what she is playing. I think that it is a wonderful resource for your students to play and learn while they play on the computer.

I will use the UEN website for parents to know what we are doing, so that they are up to date with what we are doing currently or what we are going to be going to do in future lessons. I think that doing this project is a good project, although tedious, is needed for our futures in our elementary classrooms.